Entrusting your child to an unknown person is sometimes a source of concern. The reason why some parents find it difficult to cut the cord and insist on constantly checking in on their offspring. But what to do when the separation is not planned and the means of communication are limited? This is the story told by a former babysitter on TikTok, and relayed by the Mirror. The woman, a British woman in her forties, looks back on this episode which occurred in 1991, when she was 20 years old. “I was a newlywed and lived next door to a family with a 2-year-old toddler,” she explains. “I used to keep him for a few hours to help out the mom.” One fine morning, the neighbor arrived at her house asking: “Can I leave the little one with you until tomorrow? I have to leave”. Experienced in this process, the babysitter replied: “Yes, no problem, the only thing is that I am going on vacation on Tuesday, for a week!” What the neighbor replied: “It’s perfect!”.

Convinced that the latter had just given her her agreement for the child to go with her on vacation, the young woman simply took him on board during his stay. “Early Tuesday morning we loaded up the car, I put him in his car seat, and drove off to London – we lived in Birmingham,” she recalled in the video. “He was so nice, I fed him and bought extra nappies because she didn’t leave enough for me for the week.”

All’s well That ends well

The story takes place in the early 90s, the woman explains that she did not have a cell phone, and that she did not even know the number of her neighbor. “So I sent him a postcard to tell him that everything was going well!”, Says the former babysitter. When they returned, the neighbors were all smiles, but the mother added all the same: “It’s very nice of you, but I still have to clarify: when I said ‘It’s perfect!’, I wanted say I was picking him up on Tuesday morning, not that he’s going with you for a week!”

TESTIMONY I am a babysitter and I have already taken a child on vacation without telling his parents


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