Should you talk about sexuality with your young children? It is in any case the choice made by this mother. A principle of education that is not unanimous!

“How are babies made ?” This is probably the question parents dread the most. If some find the subject delicate to approach, others do not hesitate to go there frankly. Like Caroline Hemmingham who talks about sexuality with her toddlers aged 2 and 3 years old. In a post on Hull Live, this British mum explained how important it is to have these conversations early on so children aren’t “embarrassed or confused” as they grow up. Thus, the Englishwoman has already discussed the rules with her daughter to prepare her and prevent her from feeling this feeling of shame that surrounds menstruation. Its goal ? Normalize the subject.

Caroline was inspired by the book The Intelligent Parents’ Manual which encourages parents to open the conversation with their children before the age of 5. “The most important thing is that the child understands the general idea and that he does not associate anything forbidden with the subject” reads in the book. For the Brit, sex shouldn’t be taboo. She specifies that waiting until puberty to talk about it risks being embarrassing for the child and the parent. Evidenced by his own experience during a sex education lesson: “The whole class was sitting in front of the television and we were watching a video in which a man and a woman were walking around their house in the simplest device. The image n kept freezing, everyone was laughing and the teacher looked humiliated.”

Talking about sexuality with your child: a divisive subject

Caroline is delighted to be able to play a key role in the sex education of her young children. A learning that however divides the Web. If some of the Internet users welcomed her decision: “I agree with her”, “She is right and it will avoid problems for her children in the future. When we avoid the subject, it creates mystery. My son eldest has always been able to talk to me about everything. Nothing is taboo between us so he does not need to look for information in the playground”, the others were violently indignant: “We should call social services, c It’s way too early”, “At 2 and 3, they are still babies. Let them live in their fairy tale. They will learn all these things soon enough, there is no need to skip the stages .”


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