A young woman, originally from Brazil, could have become blind after an appointment with the beautician which turned out very badly.

The facts date back to December 2021. At the time, Deusa Kannon do Amarante Kalife decided to get eyelash extensions. The pretty Brazilian had therefore gone to a beauty salon in Niterói in Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, the situation quickly turned to horror. As The Sun reports, the young woman ended up with her right eye completely glued because her beautician used super glue. In the video shared by Deusa on the networks, we can see that the professional tries to remove the strong glue with a piece of cotton that remains attached to the eye. Panicked and in tears, the customer tries desperately to open it, in vain.

Following this incident which could have made her blind according to the doctors, Deusa was hospitalized. Burned in the second degree, the young woman also suffered from a skin ulcer. The doctors had no choice but to operate. After the procedure, the Brazilian had to wear an eye patch. His companion, Luciene Assis, ranted on the net. According to him, the beautician used nail polish remover to remove the glue. “When asked about the severity of the injuries, she said the eyelash glue was mixed with super glue,” she said.

His companion fights for compensation

According to Luciene’s statements, the beauticians would have changed their method when the clients would have started to complain about the eyelashes which detached quickly after the installation. Ascent that no employee has called the emergency services to help her partner, the young woman launched: “I will make public what happened and I want to obtain justice. I will not be silent, no one won’t shut me up.” At the time of writing, we still do not know if Deusa has officially filed a complaint against the beauty salon or if an investigation has been opened by the Brazilian authorities.


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