Lauren, 35, nearly lost her leg after her habit of picking her skin got out of control. Today, she is fighting her ocd to stay healthy.

Lauren, now 35, has suffered from Dermatillomania all her life. This disorder causes people who have it to grind their skin enough to create lesions. Result: many wounds and scars remain on the affected areas. Lauren, it is on her legs that she created the most damage. But in 2014, her ocd became truly dangerous when she contracted Staphylococcus aureus on the inside of her thigh.

She teases her skin for years and triggers a deadly infection

“My condition was at its worst in 2014,” Lauren told The Sun. Just inside her thigh, she contracts Staphylococcus aureus, a deadly bacteria. “My right leg was so swollen and infected that the doctors told me I could lose my leg.” Fortunately, after surgery and a few months of hospitalization, Lauren made a full recovery. But this is where the specialists gave him the diagnosis of Dermatillomania.

At the age of 5, Lauren is already tweaking her skin and she is the only one around her to have red dots on her face and body. In adolescence, things get worse. “In college, trying to deal with puberty and acne really kicked things off.” Lauren also confides that at the time, she had to stop figure skating, after she could no longer take off her tights without tearing off all her scabs. “A high school nurse wrongly reported me for harming myself. A college counselor thought I used meth. And a club official informed me that other members weren’t at home. comfortable in the locker room with me.” For years, Lauren tries to hide. But after being diagnosed in 2014, she finally managed to put things right.

“Unfortunately, there are no cures for Dermatillomania.” But the 30-year-old assures her, today, she has managed to live with it. She then avoids mirrors, so as not to grind her face for hours. And constantly uses objects to keep his hands occupied. She now hopes to help other sufferers and educate the medical world about this little-known disorder.


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