“When people say to me: ‘Wow, you have six children! That’s a lot! But how is it going?’ I always answer with a smile: ‘It’s great! It’s especially Moore2luv (more love, editor’s note)'”, explains Jennifer Moore, 43, on an Instagram post. With humor, she recognizes above all that “the most difficult thing is to get a photo of all [her] children.” But having a slew of toddlers never seemed like a constraint for Jennifer and her husband, Harry.

As co-manager of a childcare facility, Jennifer, in consultation with Pennsylvania social services, sometimes hosts children placed in her home “a few days, to allow foster families to breathe a little”. Already parents of two daughters, Joy, 21, and Kourtney, 11, Jennifer and Harry wanted to expand their family and naturally turned to adoption. For the Moores, it is not necessary to carry a baby to love it, nor to have the same skin color.

“We often see transracial adoptions going the other way”

If the adoption of 8-year-old Sanchez went quickly, that of Keenan, a little white boy, proved more complicated in 2016. The couple then found themselves faced with the difficulties of the so-called adoption transracial, an expression that refers to the adoption of a child by parents of a color different from one’s own. “We often see transracial adoptions in the other direction: a white family adopting a black child, explains Jennifer to the daily New York Post. There were questions about our ability to welcome Caucasian children. It took us 2 695 days to adopt Keenan, because we are black.”

In 2018, social services recontact Jennifer to entrust her with white twins, Brayden and Trevor, separated from birth from their drug addict mother. “They were supposed to stay with us until we found a home for them. But the months passed and they were almost a year old. We were attached to them. We finally started the adoption process,” smiles Jennifer. Two years later, Brayden and 3-year-old Trevor officially joined the Moore family. “A lot of times I hear, ‘Do they give white babies to black families?'” Jennifer says.

“At the playground, a lady thought I was kidnapping my children because they were white!”

Incidents escalating with rising racial tensions in the United States following the 2020 police killing of George Floyd. ‘A month ago we were at the playground and the twins didn’t want not come home. A lady was watching us and when one of them threw a tantrum she threatened to call the police. I hugged the children and she thought I would kidnapped. So one of the twins said, ‘No, that’s my mother!'”

Jennifer and her husband talk to their six children about racism in simple words. “We know that everyone is different, we must recognize it. Instead of looking at our color, people should understand that it is love that makes a family live.”


Lara T.
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