Any parent who has ever experienced leaving nursery or school knows how chaotic these minutes can be. Arriving when the doors open, making your way through the horde of parents present, finding your toddler in the flood of children pouring out… is nothing simple.

But it can be even more disconcerting by not being the parent of the child to be recovered! In order to help an acquaintance, Brianna found herself leaving daycare and then realized that she had made a terrible mistake…

Help an acquaintance

“Pick up an acquaintance’s child at daycare and then help her by babysitting until she can leave work,” said Brianna in a video posted on her TikTok account which, since , recorded more than 625,000 views. In the caption of this same video, she added “Alert! Spoiler! This time, I kidnapped a child by accident and thought I was going to end up in prison”. In the rest of her video, Brianna explained that she had thus presented herself to the daycare in order to recover the child of her friend whom she had never met before. Once in front of the doors, she gave the first and last name of the child. The staff returned a few minutes later with a toddler whose identity they confirmed before handing him over. Brianna then left daycare.

The bad kid

“Drove twenty minutes to their house,” she said next. “Start making a snack for the child. The older brother comes out of their room,” she added. This is where the unthinkable happens when he says “He’s not my brother…”. Brianna rushes to her phone and discovers a text from their mother which writes, in all caps, “YOU PICKED UP THE WRONG CHILD. THE POLICE CALLED ME”. Brianna confided that she had brought the “bad” child back to the daycare, finding, on the spot, all the staff very upset. Questioned by the police, the young woman learned that people had been dismissed after this mistake. Brianna must now testify with child protective services. In the comments, many wondered how such an error could have occurred. Later, Brianna added that this story took place several years ago and that she would not share any specific details. She nevertheless specified that the family had again offered to keep the same children and that one of the two parents was… a lawyer.

TESTIMONY I accidentally kidnapped a child from daycare


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