If some parents like to give their children’s first names, Nama has always found it ridiculous. And yet, this Australian mother recently realized that she had done the same thing with the names of her son (15 years old) and her dog (2 years old). “It happened by accident, and so innocently, that I hadn’t realized until now. It all started 16 years ago when my ex-husband suggested the name Winston for our son. I immediately fell in love with this strong, traditional and not so common first name in Australia“, she tells Kidspot. And to clarify that this was not a reference to Winston Churchill.

In 2020, Nama was contacted by a dog breeder. The latter asked her if she wanted to adopt a dog that her sister, who had just died, had reserved for her: “Thinking that this puppy could be the reincarnation of my sister, I said yes.” After several discussions on the choice of the name of the canine, the eldest son of his sister ended up proposing Churchill: “It was a perfect moment. The fact that he named the puppy that we were going to adopt because of his mother.. . It felt so natural. And hilarious that it was also the surname of the Winston after whom my son is not named, but who Australians associate that name with.”

She assumes the link between the first names of her son and her dog

“You might think I knowingly chose matching names for my puppy and son, but I promise I never considered it awkward or cute until recently,” Nama says. Returning to her old remarks, the mother of the family now fully assumes this connection between the two names: “Recently, I said to myself, ‘Do people think that I chose matching names for my son and my dog? Yes, they think so. And so do I. The fact that they’re in tune is super cute, and in a weird way, it makes us feel more connected. So now I get it. And I have to admit, I adore.”

TESTIMONY I accidentally gave my son's first name to that of my dog


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