This young teenager is only 15 years old and yet she is already receiving sexist comments when she posts photos of herself on the Web.

Nélia is a teenager like the others. At 15, she posted her daily life on the Web. “I have been showing myself on social networks for two years, especially Instagram and Snapchat. I really like to share interesting moments of my life or share photos taken with my friends. I also sometimes post photos of me, alone, on which I wear lots of different outfits – dress, crop-top, etc” she says in a story from a writing workshop led by the ZEP (Zone d’Expression Prioritaire). Over the years, the high school student began to receive inappropriate messages: “These are comments from boys, sometimes adults, of the style ‘You’re good’, ‘You make me hot’, ‘You make me feel .’ »

Shocked by these sexist remarks, Nélia didn’t dare talk about it with her family for fear that her mother would uninstall her apps: “Even if the networks are dangerous, it’s a kind of distraction that allows me to discover new things. and keep me busy when I don’t know what to do.” Today, the teenager admits that she has finally gotten used to these daring comments: “It has become commonplace and it doesn’t bother me anymore. Sometimes, I even laugh about it, telling myself that these guys are banging each other shame and are secretly desperate to send these kinds of messages. I block them and quickly move on.”

“It’s not up to us girls to change our way of being”

“What I don’t understand is why, if it’s a man who puts a story of himself shirtless, he has no right to these kind of inappropriate comments?” wonders Nélia, who deplores this situation: “I have the impression that, now, men (not all) only think about girls’ sex and bodies. They are no longer even interested in the person in them. -same.” The 15-year-old would like to feel free and safe to be able to post whatever she wants. And to dress as she wishes at the same time: “It’s not up to us girls to change our way of being. But to the ‘perverts’ to change their behavior towards women.”


Lara T.
Lara T.

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