Kara McLarty, 53, survived three times after doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer. In the past four years, she has had a double mastectomy. Today she is learning to love the body that saved her.

At the age of 49, Kara McLarty feels fitter than ever and takes real pleasure in exercising for maintenance. But as she stretches after a gym class, the 40-year-old feels a strange pain in her right breast. After also suffering from a few headaches, she goes to her general practitioner. The latter sends her for a mammogram, just to check that everything is fine and without fearing too much bad news. However, the diagnosis that falls is a real blow for Kara: she has breast cancer. “I had just come for a scan on my lunch break, and my world was turned upside down. I was in shock,” she told the Mirror.

In front of the lens, Kara appreciates her body and her scars

Despite feeling completely overwhelmed, Kara makes an immediate decision about her treatment. Wanting to avoid chemotherapy at all costs, the one who is about to blow out her 50th candle chooses mastectomy. In March 2018, she separated from her right breast. A year later, doctors removed her left breast. Today, Kara still struggles to accept her body. Although her breasts have been reconstructed, the now 53-year-old has no nipples but instead a scar through the flesh.

One fine day, on a whim, Kara books an outdoor photoshoot by a river with a well-known photographer on Instagram. “Photographers are so wonderful. It doesn’t matter your size, shape or age. They love you for who you are and make you feel amazing,” Kara tells the Mirror. Since then, the 50-year-old regularly passes in front of the lens. “I had no confidence in my body at all before, but it changed me,” she says. Kara is now proud to show off her body to show other women who have had a double mastectomy that their bodies are beautiful.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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