Philipa, 52, tells how her husband died just six days after entering hospital for tingling. He had no chance of survival.

Philipa and Rob had been married for 18 years, and were the proud parents of two children. But in December 2021, their family life changes when Rob suddenly dies. It was a year earlier that his strange symptoms appeared. In the fall of 2020, the father of the family begins to complain of tingling and tingling. He puts it down to stress, but Philipa starts to seriously worry when the little pains come to her face.

His big tingling leads him to discover a brain tumor

In December 2021, Phillipa takes Rob to the hospital. Directly admitted, he passes an MRI and there, the diagnosis is heavy for the father of the family. A mass of 7 to 9 cm is discovered in his brain. The tumor is grade 4, which does not bode well. Headaches, weakness in the limbs, difficulty grasping objects, speech problems and convulsions are likely to become Rob’s daily life. Doctors only give him 12 to 18 months to live, due to the aggressive nature of his brain tumor. But to try to give him a maximum chance of survival, the specialists plan a surgical operation the following week, in order to remove part of the tumor and start chemotherapy. Unfortunately, Rob never had the chance to go that far.

Six days after diagnosis, he dies alongside his wife

“Rob went into panic mode. He was looking everywhere for life insurance documents. All his attention was focused on our financial situation when he was gone,” Phillipa told The Sun. “I couldn’t think of myself at the time. Just him.” When she takes Rob to the hospital the following week, he is walking and talking. But when she comes to pick him up a few days later, he is no longer the same man. “He couldn’t walk and was in a wheelchair. He couldn’t talk much either, he was confused. And he had lost a lot of weight.” The family then spends the whole weekend together, in bed, reading and watching movies. Then, the day before his operation, Rob begins to struggle in the marital bed. At first, Phillipa thinks of a simple panic attack. But half an hour after entering the emergency room, alongside his wife, he let out a long breath and had to be resuscitated by the medical team. During the operation, the doctors discovered a second mass in the back of the brain. At 1:30 a.m. on December 22, 2021, Phillipa sits next to her husband as he dies. “I sat next to him in a private room in this very quiet ward. No beeps, no machines, just us, a big cup of tea and a box of tissues. I told him how great he was. wonderful. I sat there holding his hand and then he left.”


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