TESTIMONY. “Having become a millionaire, I bought the building from the bank which had refused me a loan”

Is revenge a dish best eaten cold? Yes, according to Adam Deering, a 39-year-old British entrepreneur who turned millionaire did what many entrepreneurs turned away by their bank would dream of doing … It all started in the year 2000. Adam n ‘was then only 21 years old, but already had dreams in his head. The young man, who wants above all to “work for himself”, aims to open his own business. With no dime in his pocket, he turned to a bank in his hometown of Urmston, England, for a loan.

“I set up a business plan, then I made an appointment with the director of the bank to talk about my business creation project, opening an account and obtaining a commercial loan. Before my interview, I said a little prayer, because I had no savings or idea of ​​how I would achieve my dream without a loan, ”he says. “Toes and fingers crossed”, Adam feverishly awaits the answer of the banker who quickly sweeps her eyes away from the project of his interlocutor.

“I didn’t have the money to buy a desk or a chair, so I spent four months working on the floor”

The answer strikes Adam like a slap in the face: “You are too young and you have no business experience. We can’t do anything at this stage, “she told him,” in a condescending tone “the businessman still remembers with resentment. It’s a cold shower for Adam, who says he felt “humiliated, frustrated and sad”.

On top of that, he has already incurred costs and has no plan B. His first rent must be paid and he has already invested in equipment to canvass potential clients. “I didn’t have the money to buy a desk or a chair, so I spent four months working on the floor,” he recalls.

“In life, you can either give up or give it all away! The choice is yours …”

But you have to believe that perseverance and hard work always pay off. The former apprentice is now a successful businessman. His debt management company was sold in 2014 for just over 6 million euros. A sum that allowed him, among other things, to build 130 houses and apartments in the suburbs of Manchester.

But it also allowed him to buy, in a somewhat vengeful spirit … the building of the bank which had refused him the famous loan twenty years earlier! “In life, you can either give up or give it all! The choice is yours … ”, concludes the millionaire. History does not say what happened to her former bank manager …

Adam Deering © INSTAGRAM

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