Harassed in his youth because of his weight, Hamide now finds it very difficult to reach out to others.

Hamide has long been the target of insults over his weight. “I grew up in fashion: the little one we clash for fun. At school, I was given nicknames about my weight like ‘little fat, beaver teeth'” he confided during a workshop with the ZEP (Zone d’Expression Prioritaire). Completely isolated, the Parisian lived through hell because of his classmates who regularly threw spades at him: “It ruined my schooling … but I had no time when I could breathe.” The harassment continued until middle school, until he decided “to hit somebody”.

In third grade, Hamide decided to do intermittent fasting “in his own way” to lose weight: “In the evening, I ate anything, and during the day, I chewed gum.” At the time, the 18-year-old was well aware that his lifestyle was not healthy. “With sports lessons and school”, he managed to get rid of his superfluous kilos: “When I got to high school, people no longer harassed me about my weight.” Unfortunately, this physical transformation did not help him integrate into his establishment where there were only boys: “It was very frustrating.”

“Today I still feel fat”

In an attempt to make friends, Hamide decided to take to Twitter: “Why Twitter and not outside? Quite simply, because I don’t have the guts to go see someone and talk to them, normal. It’s too stressful, already I’m someone stressed in life.” Still having trouble accepting himself, the young man is unable to bond with others: “I feel like I live for people’s eyes. I think it’s linked to the grossophobia that I suffered. Today, I still feel fat.” Now, the 18-year-old hopes to “build muscle” so he can finally feel good about himself looking in the mirror.

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