At each age, its possibilities! If some parents refuse their children piercings and tattoos before they reach majority, others are more permissive. But what is the “right” age to get a nose piercing?

For Sharla, it would seem that 12 years old is a good age to start body modifications. On the social network TikTok, the mother revealed the amazing birthday present she had given her child.

An original gift

“I took my daughter to get her nose pierced for her twelfth birthday,” read the caption of the video posted by Sharla on her TikTok account. In this short clip, the teenager appeared lying on her back while a needle was going through her nostril. To avoid early critical comments, the permissive mom had disabled comments. However, his community had a second opportunity to speak out. A few days later, Sharla posted a second video which, this time, got a lot of comments.

Like Mother like daughter

Dubbed “My Daughter’s Revelation”, this time, Sharla’s daughter was filmed with a nose ring, posing alongside her mother, also having a piercing in her nose and various other places. Sharla added that her daughter would not be obliged to keep the loop as it was, only for the time of healing in order to facilitate the latter. His daughter would then be free to put only a small decoration and no longer a ring. In the “Comments” section, Sharla subscribers did not fail to give their opinion.

Reach the required age

“Why get your nose pierced at 12? asked a majority to which Sharla replied “Because she wanted it done for her birthday. I asked the piercing parlors that she was the required age and all agreed to do it at 12 so I took her at that time”. One person questioned the reaction of the girl’s teachers when she returned to school, a question to which Sharla noted, “To be honest, I don’t care. I am his mother, not them” while indicating that it was nevertheless possible, if necessary, to conceal his piercing. In another comment, Sharla revealed that she herself had had her first piercing, in the navel, when she was only 13 years old.

TESTIMONY For her birthday I gave my 12-year-old daughter a nose piercing


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