Do we really need to wear underwear? For Alaina, who hasn’t worn a bra or panties for a few years now, the answer is no. The American influencer took to her TikTok account to discuss the subject with her followers. “Why do we wear bras and underwear?” she launched in a video. And to add: “The bra literally cuts off the circulation under your breasts and compresses your lymph nodes. It has been shown to cause premature sagging of the breasts. Whether you have breasts or not, like me, the bra is not good for you.”

@wellnesswithalaina Haven’t worn either in years… think of all the money you’ll save too!! You’ll never go back 🙂 #bras #stopwearingbras #stopwearingunderwear #holistichealth #integrativehealth ♬ original sound – Alaina

Alaina then gave her opinion on panties, stressing the importance of letting her private parts “breathe”. According to her, wearing underwear would promote infections and disrupt the pH of the vagina. “Especially when you go to bed, there’s no need to wear any. And vaginal discharge is normal, stop freaking out about getting some in your shorts or pants or whatever,” he said. she declared. Unsurprisingly, the young woman’s opinion aroused strong reactions. Some Internet users have supported it while others have indicated that they could never play it “commando”.

The bra is dispensable unlike the panties

Let it be said, studies related to the wearing of a bra are still few in number. In 2013, sports doctor Jean-Denis Rouillon followed 320 women to collect data. Its results tend to prove that those who do not wear a bra see their breasts firm up, their nipples lift and their stretch marks fade. However, health professionals all agree that it is essential to wear them to practice sport and to choose the right size. In terms of underwear, it is preferable that they are made from natural fibers, not too tight and must be changed every day.

TESTIMONY For a few years, I no longer wear a bra or panties


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