Fascinated by death, Jeane Trend-Hill travels the world to visit cemeteries. The 55-year-old, from Islington in London, has also appeared at more than 200 funerals of strangers. In her spare time, the Briton likes to tidy up graves and take photos of cemeteries. Over time, she even became a regular. So much so that the employees regularly invite him to attend the funerals of the deceased who have no family or loved ones. “I’m proud to be that person who goes to funerals of strangers when there’s no one else to go,” she told South West News Service.

Jeane has been drawn to the macabre from an early age. But her attraction to cemeteries began in 2012: “I entered a church by mistake during a funeral. As I was raised in the Catholic faith, I stayed. Even if I did not know the person, I I was deeply moved. Shortly after, a cement worker asked me if I wanted to attend a veteran’s funeral. Today, I’ve attended about 200 funerals of people I don’t know.” The 50-year-old is now nicknamed “rent a mourner” by her family: “Of course, I will never charge someone for my presence.”

Attending funerals, a way of paying homage

Jeane is also intrigued by death since the disappearance of her parents. Her father, Joe, and her mother, Mary, died when she was just 14 and 20 years old. “The first thing I do when I go somewhere is to see where the nearest crematorium is.” A passion that has become her profession: “I have a doctorate in mortuary sciences and I am a historian of cemeteries” she specified. The Englishwoman, who describes cemeteries as “open-air art galleries” takes pleasure in paying tribute to the deceased: “I realized that everyone has a story to tell, that everyone has lived a life and that there should be someone to remember them when they die.”

TESTIMONY Fascinated by death, I have taken part in more than 200 funerals of strangers


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