It is a tragedy that continues to haunt him. During an interview with LADbible, Jason Rock agreed to come back to the day he accidentally killed his best friend, Reefer. The facts date back fifteen years. The young man, who was 18 at the time, was at a party in north London with the man he considered a brother. The alcohol flowed freely while the drugs circulated. When supplies started to dwindle, the Briton volunteered to restock everyone: “At the time, I was making the wrong decisions and making the wrong choices in my life.” The Englishman therefore took the car with Reefer and Lee, the companion of his girlfriend’s mother at the time. Unfortunately, the situation quickly turned to horror.

“I remember laughing and joking with Reefer before. There were cars past us as we had just gotten into a tangle with some guys just before entering the Blackwall tunnel. I lost control on the exit . I hit a lamppost at high speed and he went through the car. My best friend died and Lee, who was in the back, lost his leg, “says Jason. The only thing he remembers is is his awakening in the hospital: “Honestly, it was a nightmare. It was really painful, and it still is.” Reefer died at the age of 19. Shortly after the accident, tests showed that Jason had exceeded the legal limit of alcohol in blood. S he thought he had used cocaine, it was actually ketamine that was found in his body.

He now pledges to honor the memory of his best friend

Jason was sentenced to five years in prison. He also received a five-year driving ban: “But that’s not really my punishment. My punishment is what I feel when I go to bed and when I wake up.” The young man admits it, he will blame himself all his life: “It is not fair that he is no longer there and that I can continue the rest of my life. “It’s my fault. It happened almost 15 years ago (…) and I think it will still hurt me so badly.” Since this tragedy, the thirty-something has stopped alcohol and drugs. He now works in the education system and shares his story to prevent younger people from making the same mistakes: “I owe it to Reefer for trying to do something positive with my life. I don’t want his death to be in vain. (…) If my story can help anyone, that’s why I’m here.”

TESTIMONY Drunk and under narcotics while driving I accidentally killed my best friend


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