Laura Gilmore Anderson was misdiagnosed for three long years. Thanks to her tenacity, the young woman finally discovered what she was suffering from. Today, she is fighting to stay alive.

For three years, Laura Gilmore Anderson heard her doctors tell her not to worry. And yet, the 34-year-old often complained of stomach pain. At the time, the Irishwoman who now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, even feared that her ailments would affect her ability to conceive a child with her husband Paul. “I was going back and forth to the doctor because of my lower stomach and back pain. I was missing days of work and we were trying to have a baby after we got married in 2018. I was explaining all this to my doctors and I thought there was something wrong with me or it had to do with my ovaries, but they never looked any further,” she told the Daily Mirror.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Laura suffered martyrdom and chained hospital stays. The 30-year-old has always insisted that doctors take her symptoms seriously, but they were convinced that she had just a simple viral illness. The pretty blonde continued to run into a wall even when an ultrasound showed her spleen had swollen. Medical professionals were confident that she would recover on her own due to her good physical condition. Referred to a fertility clinic after suspected endometriosis, the Irishwoman finally saw a radiologist. After a battery of examinations, she was told that she was suffering from a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour, or pancreatic cancer.

A real fight to stay alive

Sentenced, Laura had only three months to live according to the medical staff. Determined to stay alive, the young woman never gave up. Following her diagnosis, she began chemotherapy sessions which unfortunately were not conclusive. Subsequently, the Irishwoman opted for a more holistic approach to cancer. With the help of her loved ones, she was able to raise enough money to fly to Mexico for non-toxic treatment at Hope4Cancer, a treatment center in Cancún. Today, Laura also does radiotherapy sessions in Ireland. In order to continue her expensive care, she has opened a GoFundMe page and hopes to raise the sum of 120,000 pounds sterling, approximately 140,570 euros.


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