Father of six-week-old Jadon, Gareth Jennings said doctors prescribed a dosage of antibiotics fifteen times higher than the recommended dose for his son. A medical error that could have cost the life of the young boy…

Follow the advice of doctors or listen to your instincts? When six-week-old Jadon is prescribed an antibiotic by doctors at the Royal Bolton Hospital, his father hesitates.

Indeed, Gareth Jennings, 36, finds the dosage too high and prefers to ask a nurse if it seems correct to him…

Incompetent doctors

Gareth told the Mirror newspaper he was concerned about the care his wife, Heather Jennings, was receiving in hospital after giving birth to Jadon on March 6, 2022. According to him, staff had misassessed her condition. her laboring multiple times and her child eventually being born using forceps, causing Heather “God knows how many stitches”. Within weeks of birth, doctors believe the newborn contracted a virus due to cross-contamination. However, after further examinations, the little boy is finally treated for meningitis. Placed on a drip for two weeks, he again saw his treatment modified, the doctors having finally returned to the initial diagnosis, that is a virus.

A Father’s Doubt

On April 14, 2022, Jadon is therefore prescribed an antibiotic treatment based on clindamycin which his parents must administer to him at the rate of 15 ml per day. But the day before treatment began, the couple sought a second opinion from a nurse due to their lingering concerns. “I called the nurse to come get her things and if she hadn’t come we would have started taking this medicine and Jadon would be dead by the end of the week,” his father commented.

A catastrophic mistake

When the nurse discovers the dosage recommended by the hospital, she immediately asks the parents, worried, about the start of the treatment, the doctors having ordered to give Jadon a total of four doses of 15 ml of medicine per day, whereas the correct amount should have been only 1 ml per dose. Faced with distraught parents, the nurse explains to them that the consequences could have been catastrophic. Since then, Gareth has been raging “I’m not going back to this hospital now. He could be half dead and I’d take him to Salford instead. They got a lot of things wrong. It was a farce from start to finish. the end.” Fortunately, Heather and Jadon are doing well and are recovering from this harrowing experience.

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