Sleep with his children? An incomprehensible choice for some parents. Follower of co-sleeping, Leanna, strongly criticized online, wanted to share her vision as well as her own experience in order to change mentalities on this subject.

Leanna Allen is a stay-at-home mom with a tribe of three children. On social networks and in particular on TikTok, the young woman regularly shares advice ranging from babywearing to toilet training.

Nevertheless, this parenting enthusiast recently responded to subscribers who criticized her after she explained co-sleeping with her children.

A precious moment

It was on TikTok that Leanna wanted to express herself, tired of reading reviews about co-sleeping, this method of letting her child sleep in the parental bed every night until a certain age. Age which, of course, can vary according to the desire of the child and the parents. In this clip, Leanna appeared with one of her children, the youngest, who fights with her at night instead of sleeping peacefully. At the top of the video, the mum wrote “Me when people tell me to put my baby to sleep in her own room” before adding “without knowing that I slept with my mother until I was 12”.

Divided opinions

To invite discussion on the subject and to hear the experiences of her subscribers on the subject, Leanna did not fail to write “Anyone else? as a caption to his video. In the comments, many parents spoke out against this principle, criticizing the habit taken by Leanna and her mother before her “12 years?? I was in my own room at 6 months and my daughter too” wrote a mother, to which Leanna replied “Only way to be close or to spend time together sometimes”. Another commented “I’ve never slept with my parents and kids either, it’s not appropriate” while another confided his reasons “I like to sleep peacefully with my husband haha ​​and my daughter was in his room at three months! “. However, some were also of the same opinion as Leanna “I also slept with my parents and my babies sleep with me now” noted one person while another added “My three month old son sleeps with me and I slept with my mother until the age of 5. It’s so special! “. Finally, a last commented, mixed “I slept until I was 11 with my mother… And I moved my own daughter at 6 months. I don’t know how my mother did! “.


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