Watching Emma and Casper play in the kitchen of their flat in Clapham, a bohemian district of south London, Leeanne is overwhelmed with emotion. Five years ago, finding himself in this love and family situation would have seemed absolutely incongruous to him. And for good reason ! The incredible story of Emma Davies and Leeanne Grassnick began in 2018. At the time, both discovered that they were in a relationship… with the same man! Messages found on the cad’s phone show that three other women suffered the same fate.

A WhatsApp group is then created to discuss between them what happened. Between Leeanne, consultant in financial crime for banks, and Emma, ​​doctor, the current passes immediately. To the point that in January 2019, they decide to meet. “What started as a conversation about the man who betrayed us turned into a wonderful first date. We talked for six hours over two bottles of prosecco. only men but, at the end of the night, I don’t know how it happened, we kissed,” Leeanne recalled.

Emma, ​​who had already had homosexual adventures, is nevertheless surprised by this love at first sight

Emma, ​​who had already had adventures with people of the same sex, is also surprised by this love at first sight: “It was magical. That night, we fell in love and became inseparable.” Ten months later, the crush is still just as intense. For Leeanne’s 35th birthday, Emma, ​​five years her junior, then asks her to marry. It’s a big “Yes”!

While waiting for D-Day, the couple has another project: to have a child. “Starting a family was extremely important to us. We both come from supportive and loving families and we wanted to create the same thing,” they explain.

“We are now a family, our dream has come true”, conclude the two mothers

To give themselves the best possible chance, Emma and Leeanne both begin a course of in vitro fertilization. They choose an anonymous sperm donor and each has their eggs inseminated with their sperm. The embryos obtained are frozen. It is ultimately one of Emma’s embryos that will be used and Leeanne who will carry the baby. “In this way, we were both fully involved in the pregnancy”, specifies the latter.

In October 2021, the two women married in London and, a few months later, a beautiful baby named Casper was born on Boxing Day. “From the moment he was born, we both felt an indescribable love for him,” says Leeanne. “We are now a family, our dream has come true”, conclude the two mothers, who have gone from being scorned to fulfilled.

TESTIMONY. "Deceived by the same man, we fell in love"


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