At 83, Alberto Cormillot became a father for the third time. After the death of his first wife in 2017, he married Estefania Pasquini, 35. Together they had little Emilio through fertility treatment. The nutritionist is however aware that his advanced age will not allow him to see his son grow up. “I know very well that life is not infinite. I will accompany this little guy as long as I can,” he confides to the New York Post. new fatherhood: “I’m going to make the most of every day and plan for the short term.”

Alberto regularly thinks about the future and the memories he intends to leave Emilio: “He’s still a baby but he already has a phone number with WhatsApp on which I record audio notes and send videos. I don’t dramatize things, I just capture the reality of life.” Very involved in the education of his son, the practitioner wishes to prepare his future as well as possible. He notably hired a tutor to teach him Chinese, which he considers to be the language of the future: “She comes twice a week. I want him to get used to hearing the language because, growing up , he will be able to learn it more easily.”

At 83, he’s a real sugar daddy!

Nostalgic, Alberto also teaches his son the songs he listened to when he was little. The octogenarian, who survived colon cancer in 2012, also gives him organ lessons. “I encourage him to crawl,” he adds. At the same time, the nutritionist often feeds his Instagram account with photos each cuter than the next. Attentive with his youngest, the octogenarian is just as much with his daughter Reneé, his other son Adrián as well as his three granddaughters. Recognized doctor in the world of health, he can boast of having written more than 50 books and drafted a hundred articles for scientific journals.



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