There is no greater love than that of a mother. This statement resonates deeply with those who have experienced the unconditional love and support of a mother. This is why Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating and honoring mothers, holds great significance for many people. However, for those who have lost their mother or never had her, this day can be a painful reminder of their absence. For this young woman, it symbolizes the worst day of her life. The day his mother left this world.

For two years, she was aware that time with her mother was limited. But she nurtured a slim hope. Unfortunately, the reality was unavoidable, her mother would never recover. In 2021, as the world faced the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic, her mother succumbed to pancreatic cancer on Mother’s Day. The funeral, constrained by restrictions in place at the time, was brief and rushed. The brevity of the ceremony reflected the brutality of her departure, leaving her with a whirlwind of emotions. So, “Today, every window display of balloons, every aisle of greeting cards, and every ‘Remember Mom’ reminder email is a painful sign that I don’t have my mom anymore and won’t have her anymore. never.”, explains the young woman in the columns of the Mirror.

The only wish for Mother’s Day: find your mom

Her mother breathed her last at home, with her father by her side. Not far from her was the soft toy that the young woman had bought her for Mother’s Day a few days before her death. Besides, this stuffed animal is now in his office at home. It’s the only memory she wants for Mother’s Day.

TESTIMONY Celebrating Mother's Day without my mom is painful


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