April Charlesworth’s life changed in an instant when she was badly burned in an explosion. A difficult ordeal for her and her 8-year-old son.

The facts date back to April 2021. At the time, April Charlesworth celebrated her 28th birthday with her loved ones. For the occasion, she joined her cousin Ashleigh at King’s Head, a bar not far from Sudbury in the county of Suffolk in England. That evening, one of his tipsy friends was having fun throwing alcohol on the outdoor heater on the terrace. A gesture that caused a terrible explosion. Severely burned to the face, chest and hands, the two women were quickly taken to the emergency room. As soon as they arrived, they were placed on an artificial respirator.

Interviewed by the BBC, April described her recovery as a real agony, saying the pain was “unimaginable”. Upon returning home, the mother also had to deal with the reaction of her son Franklin, who refused to be by her side for several months. “It was difficult to readjust to normal life. It’s still the case” she confessed. Over time, the young woman and her cousin Ashleigh shared their journey to recovery on social media. “It’s normal to have bad days. It’s important to accept the hard times – it gets better,” she added.

Survivor of an explosion, she commits to burn victims

April, who worked as a childcare worker, had to quit her job and retrain as a clinician in the NHS, the UK healthcare system. Stronger than ever, the young woman did not let this horrible accident ruin her life. The two cousins ​​also plan to start an 18-month laser treatment to erase their scars. At the same time, the pretty blondes have launched a fundraiser for the Katie Piper Foundation, which helps burn victims. On April 30, 2022, April and Ashleigh planned to climb Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain, in the hope of raising 5,000 pounds, or around 5,940 euros.


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