We all know that parenting triplets is no small feat. What we know less is that being triplets is also complicated. For the complexity of the relationships that are tied between them obviously, but not only. Witness the lives of Sherena, Kayley and Elise Terry, monozygotic triplets living in Gravesend, Kent, England. These three young women of 19, born on October 17, 2002, are true statistical miracles. There is a 1 in 250 chance of having identical twins. But triplets of the same kind, it’s a chance in 200 million!

Except that girls, the miracle they expect is that of love. And being triplets singularly complicates their task. “The boys can’t help but compare us, and even sometimes assess which is the most beautiful, the most this, or the most that. They sometimes even try to chat with us at the same time in order to ‘improve their chances'”, says Sherena, the only one of the three who is in a relationship.

“Some are more interested in the trio than in one of us”

But Elise warns: “If a guy texts us both at the same time, we tell each other right away. And if that happens, we just don’t reply. We don’t like the same guy anyway. type of man, so we never argued over a boy.” The sisters, who are all three psychology students, but also dancers, especially on TikTok where some of their videos reach one million views, say they are very happy to be triplets, but that the daily comments to find out which of them is “the prettiest” or “the thinnest” wear them out.

“It’s harder to find love because boys fear having to deal with three rather than one, following the legend that triplets are inseparable. And then there’s the fact that, for some, we’re just a fantasy. So they’re more interested in the trio themselves than any of us. What they’re trying to win isn’t our hearts, but a hunting trophy.” Sherena explains.

Even though they look alike, their preferences and tastes are not exactly the same

Throughout their lives, the triplets have been confused with each other, especially at school when they wore the matching clothes their parents, Lisa, 49, and Paul, 47, liked to wear. where they still live today. But the three sisters have grown up, and while they look alike, their preferences and tastes aren’t exactly the same.

Today, to simplify their lives, they are thinking of moving on their own. They do not want to be too far from each other, but are convinced that with each an independent geographical space, their life can only improve. As women, and particularly in love, they now want us to notice their singularities first.

Sherena, Kayley and Elise Terry © INSTAGRAM TERRYTRIPLETSS

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