Completely devoted to her two little Chihuahuas, Jahnnalee Randall, 34, admitted she would never date a man her two dogs didn’t approve of. Investing all her time for her furry companions, Jahnnalee prefers to remain single than to abandon them.

However, if she were to embark on the search for true love, Jahnnalee knows that her potential partner should be able to understand the importance of her dogs as well as their prominent place in her daily life.

Men jealous of his chihuahuas

Influencer and stand-up comedian, Jahnnalee has always felt like her romantic relationships were a drag on her career. She confided to the Mirror newspaper: “I would never go out with someone who does not get along with my dogs”, specifying “Someone who thinks that Gizmo and Starleena are not my children. They are my furry children.” Returning to her old relationships, the 30-year-old pointed out that these partners always ended up becoming jealous of her chihuahuas, especially when she was stopped by fans of the trio in the street. “I can’t stop them having fans,” she said.

A man who understands his job

Living in Wisconsin, USA, Jahnnalee thus finds “no interest in being with anyone romantically”, preferring his independence and life with his hairy partners. Regarding a future story, Jahnnalee has very specific criteria. The ideal man should work, like her, in the field of entertainment. “It’s very important to have similar interests and also vital that he knows how our career works,” she said, adding that Gizmo and Starleena “help pay the bills.”

real stars

They are also the ones who would give the green light to this providential man. “I would absolutely never date anyone my dogs didn’t approve of. This goes for friendships as well as loves,” she said. Since choosing to devote all her time and money to them, Jahnnalee has spent over $40,000 on her furry duo. A sum including their wardrobe, their accessories and their acting lessons. Gizmo and Starleena have around 400 outfits, 24 pairs of shoes, and even a Lamborghini toy with a personalized license plate.

Pampered Chihuahuas

Inseparable, the trio eat lunch together at the table, with the Chihuahuas having their own high chairs and often refusing to eat unless spoon-fed. “I cook them either venison, chicken breast, turkey or ground burgers mixed with carrots, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato and eggs,” she explained. Twelve-year-old Gizmo, according to his mistress, loves being in front of the camera and on the red carpet, which he walks regularly being invited to film premieres. But the real diva seems to be one-year-old Starleena, who runs the house and “always needs it all to revolve around her”. About his immoderate love, Jahnnalee concluded “I like being with them more than with people because they never judge, never complain and are real rays of sunshine”.

TESTIMONY Before dating a man my dogs must approve him


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