A man wanted to share his testimony with our colleagues from the Mirror in order to obtain advice on his situation. Aged 39, he explains that he has never had a serious relationship. “I was that person who had loads of girlfriends. But here I am still single and I wonder where it went wrong. “, he expressed. The 30-year-old explains that he has registered on several dating sites. Nevertheless, he never met a woman with whom he could possibly project himself. “I never once thought about marriage or having children with any of my girlfriends. “, he confided.

One of his relationships, however, could have resulted in something more solid. Unfortunately, her fear of committing scared the young woman away. “I now understand what she meant as I head into middle age without a partner. “, he added. If he seems to have taken advantage of his adventures, the man now regrets his situation and wants to understand why he has not yet found the woman of his life. “I’m easy going, fun, quite good looking and probably a ‘good match’ in most people’s eyes. I have no problem attracting women, but relationships never last. “, he listed, asking for clarification on his case.

No relationship that lasted over time

Expert Coleen Nolan wanted to share her opinion on the thirties. The young woman first wanted to remember the importance of not comparing yourself. “You don’t have to do what everyone else does. We all go through stages at different times, and the fact is, you haven’t yet met the person who can change your attitude about relationships. “, she said. The expert also mentions the criteria of the man. If these are too high then the man risks closing himself off from many relationship opportunities. “So take a look at your expectations and ask yourself if you are really giving the women you date a chance. “, she advised. Before adding: “You may be pushing a lot of people away instead of letting a bond develop that could lead to a more lasting and fulfilling relationship. “Advice, which, hopefully, will be useful to the man for his future meetings.

TESTIMONY At almost 40 years old, I have never had a serious relationship


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