Britni Church gave birth to her first offspring in 2004. She was 16 years old. The American, originally from Kansas, was then intermittently pregnant for nearly 17 years, or 98 months. Today, she has 12 children. “I think I’m done [with pregnancies, editor’s note]” she laughed at TODAY Parents. Her husband, Chris, however, is not against the idea of ​​having more. Together they are the happy parents of Silas, 7, Christopher Jr., 5, triplets Oliver, Asher and Abel, 3, and newest baby Rowyn, 11 months. The 30-year-old is also the mother of Crizman, 17, Jordan, 16, Caleb, 14, Jace, 13, Cadence, 12 and Jesalyn, 10, born from previous relationships.

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In total, Britni has five girls and seven boys. Suffice to say that his days are hectic: “There is always noise. Someone is always shouting. But it is completely normal for us. Surprisingly, I am able to ignore.” The mother regularly shares her daily life on her TikTok page, which has 1.8 million followers. She answers the sometimes indiscreet questions of Internet users: “I gave birth vaginally for all my children with the exception of the triplets. For them, I underwent a cesarean section.” She also reveals the details of her big budget. For example, each month, the family spends 200 dollars, around 190 euros, and nothing to buy milk.

12 children and more fulfilled than ever!

Contrary to popular belief, Britni and her husband manage on their own: “A lot of people think we live on benefits but that’s not the case. I get a lot of questions like ‘Are you Catholic?’ or ‘Are you religious?’ I am a Pentecostal [an evangelical Christian movement which is characterized by the importance given to the Holy Spirit, editor’s note] but that has nothing to do with the fact that I have so many children.” More attentive than ever, the mother struggles to spend time with each of her children: “We are even happier when we are all together. We have a huge water slide and we barbecue, sitting around a fire of camp. Life is good.”



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