Between Mindy and Larry, it’s crazy love! The two lovebirds do not care much about their 30-year difference and are even preparing to become parents.

Mindy, 30, met Larry, 60, in 2013. At the time, the young woman was the victim of a car accident and the 60-year-old was the first police officer to arrive on the scene. Love at first sight was immediate. After four years together, they decided to get married. A relationship that is not unanimous. The reason ? The 30 years that separate them. “We don’t really talk about the age difference, it’s normal for us, we don’t feel like there’s one. A lot of people have been supportive but we’ve also received no badly of negative remarks. It was a shock. I was not prepared for it but now, I have hard skin so everything is fine” confided the pretty brunette to the Truly channel on Youtube.

Crazy in love, Mindy and Larry wanted to start a family in 2020. As the sexagenarian had already undergone a vasectomy, they headed for in vitro fertilization (IVF). After several unsuccessful attempts, the young woman finally became pregnant in December 2021. The announcement of the pregnancy, however, sparked many reactions on the Web. “It’s sad, the baby will not see his father live long”, “The child will no longer have a father in 5 to 10 years” we could read on their social networks. Criticisms that the couple prefers to ignore: “They are just trolls hiding behind their keyboards. They wouldn’t say that to our face but they obviously have no problem typing it.”

30 years apart that they totally assume!

Despite the mean comments they receive on a daily basis, Mindy and Larry have no intention of stopping showing their love in the open: “We don’t film videos and take photos to generate reactions, we We do it because it’s something we love to do. We love sharing our lives with others and we hope they can relate to us.” The two lovers simply want to have a positive impact on their audience. “People who tell us ‘We love your videos’ or ‘I’m going through a difficult time and you helped me through it’, that’s why we do what we do” concluded the sixty-year-old.



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