A young mother of 8 boys has revealed that she is pregnant again… with a ninth boy! And this even if her youngest child is only 5 months old.

Yalancia, 29, is already a mother of eight boys. Jamel is the eldest and is 12 years old. Gimani, he is the youngest and is still only 5 months old. Even today, the young mother is pregnant. And she announces to the Sun that it is again… a boy! If she is completely delighted with the idea of ​​welcoming a new child, her husband, he despairs at the idea of ​​having a girl one day. Who knows, maybe…

Pregnant with her ninth child, she has no regrets and loves her role as a mother

“I feel pretty good, we’re having one more child and while dad is hoping for a girl, I feel like I’m just meant to be a mom,” Yalancia said. On her Instagram account, the young mother announces that she is totally “excited at the idea of ​​being in the third trimester”. The two parents have already found the name of their future child. They revealed they want to call him Kairo. “I can’t believe we came to an agreement on the name so soon. This one means ‘victorious’, it’s so cute.”

Yalancia has always dreamed of having a big family to create memories with. “Some of my sons were conceived when we had contraceptives, but we welcomed them with joy,” she says. Today, the one who shares her life on social networks is often judged, accused of enjoying the benefits of the state. But Yalancia pays little attention to it. She assures her: she is destined to be a mother. “I feel like I have a nurturing, patient soul,” she said. Cooking, washing clothes, cleaning and helping with homework is not a chore for her. “I love being a mother and I don’t regret it.”


Lara T.
Lara T.

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