Hannah Van Noort met Shaun Murray via YouTube. They quickly hooked up thanks to their shared love for music. After a few virtual conversations, the oncology nurse and the musician met in person in 2016. At the time, the 28-year-old completely fell for the 61-year-old father of two. “When I saw him, I immediately fell in love. I could see he was a nice guy. We kept our relationship a secret for a few months because we wanted to see his evolution without having the pressure. There were a few obstacles like age difference and distance. Our future was uncertain but our feelings only intensified,” she told the Daily Mirror.

Six years later, Hannah and Shaun got married before buying a house in Maidstone, England. Very happy, they don’t care much about criticism about their big age difference. “People often take us for a father and daughter but that does not bother us. Sometimes we play the game or we take them back. We are not a touchy couple because we know it is a sincere mistake” clarified the young lady. And to add: “It’s easy to see the age difference as a transaction. In my case, some think it’s a question of immigration or sexual favors in exchange for money. It’s hard for people to understand that we really love each other. If they hadn’t mentioned her age, I wouldn’t even have noticed.”

“With Shaun, I lead a drama-free life”

Hannah and Shaun can count on the support of their loved ones: “As soon as our families saw us together, they understood that we were really in love. Our entourage approves of our story and that’s all that matters. We didn’t need validation from strangers.” The young woman also explained the reasons why she prefers to date a middle-aged man: “I always say that in my old relationships, my partners taught me to love them. Shaun taught me to love myself. It’s a very beautiful thing. Boys my age are full of testosterone, insecure about their masculinity and sometimes arrogant. With Shaun, I lead a drama-free life. We have a calm, stable and passionate relationship .”



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