Julia Zelg, 27, and Eileen De Freest, 64, met on Tinder. Falling in love, they have since documented their story on their respective YouTube channels, despite the relentless criticism they receive online.

Is there a respectable age difference to love? Julia Zelg, 27, and Eileen De Freest, 64, try to prove the opposite by testifying to their story on their social networks.

When the two women meet on Tinder, they hardly pay attention to the 37 years that separate them, fully living their love at first sight. Online, on the other hand, the couple must face the many criticisms that assail them…

Fight the clichés

“People sometimes look at us a bit or just assume that Eileen is my mother,” Julia told the Daily Star newspaper, adding “But no one deliberately says anything mean.” However, since their meeting on Tinder, Julia and Eileen have frequently received criticism on their respective YouTube channels. Clichés comments that constantly insist on this big age difference. To counter these remarks, the two women document their “unusual” relationship in numerous videos ranging from vlogs to Q&A sessions, even inviting the virtual world to celebrate their marriage with them. Because, three years after seeing each other for the first time, the two lovers said to each other “Yes”.

Share experiences

“If we’re somewhere and people say Eileen is my mom and I say we’re actually married, they’re usually very embarrassed,” Julia said, adding that the remarks online were much more crass. remains anonymous “Sometimes, because they don’t show their faces, people feel like they can say anything,” she explained before continuing, “We’ve heard some really horrible things like some people like some who called me a diamond digger or who said that I had motherhood problems”. And the critics don’t spare Eileen either “Someone called her a pedophile which is disgusting, I’m almost 30”. Both women admit that they often realize that they grew up in different times. “I often say to Julia, ‘I was alive when the moon landed’ or something and she goes, ‘What? Really ? “” laughed Eileen “I think it can be something fun to share” she added, concluding “I ask him things and I say to him” Oh, it’s true, you were not born yet ! “. It is a good thing to be able to share our experiences because we are not in the same cultural period”.


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