Stephanie and Don are 45 years apart. Still, the couple revealed that they don’t care what other people think or say about their relationship. And even though Don is as old as Stephanie’s father, nothing could hurt their story.

If age separates them, love has unquestionably brought them together. Stephanie and Don are 45 years apart but nothing could start their story. Claiming that true love has no age, this Canadian couple knew how to see beyond the number.

However, Stephanie and Don, while continuing their relationship, are confronted daily with the judgments and views of others on their couple. A challenge that only strengthens their love.

Love at first sight at the pub

“I loved him the second I saw his face,” Stephanie told the New York Post newspaper. That was five years ago, and since then the 25-year-old has never doubted their relationship. “I just decided that he was so handsome, that he was charming and super flirty” she added, continuing “Every time he came in, I was so happy”. At that time, Stephanie was working in a pub. Quickly, the relationship between Stephanie and Don, 70, blossomed. But if, for them, their story is obvious, the situation is more complicated to accept for their loved ones, especially those of Stephanie who was 20 years old at the time.

Family misunderstanding

For her parents, it’s a shock “My mother was not a fan at all, my father was not a fan, my brother was absolutely not a fan either” she commented, specifying “They thought I was doing a mistake by putting me in this situation”. Her mom said, “I felt Stephanie was losing a chance to meet someone she could grow old with because she was with someone who was already old.” Their fear? Let the story be cut short “The unfortunate thing is that her time with Don will be limited,” she continued. However, the couple chose not to listen to those around them and quickly settled in together.

The best possible decision

After three years, the couple even had a son, Lachlan, now two years old. “Getting married, having Lachlan, made me feel much more fulfilled,” asserted Stephanie, slippery, honest, I think I made the best decision possible”. Often confused with Lachlan’s grandfather, Don indicated that he didn’t care and didn’t try to correct people. But if the couple don’t really pay attention to what other people say or how they look at them, especially when they go out with their son, Stephanie sometimes responds, “Sometimes I like to ask them about it and I say “Do you have a question?” I noticed you’ve been watching us for 25 minutes. “And they never do, they never say anything.”

The only limit is time

Their atypical relationship has also led to a number of prejudices, the most common being that Stephanie would be interested in Don’s money “Everyone seems to say that I’m here for the life insurance check” she noted, specifying, in order to dispel any assumptions “We live in a house that my father gave me and I have a full-time job”. What the couple fears above all is the weather, Don having reached the age of 70 and having seen several of his friends die in recent months “I told him, ‘Don’t you dare die in your sleep or I will be very angry,” said Stephanie. Taking advantage of the time given to them, Stephanie and Don seek to prove that love knows no boundaries “We choose not to hide our relationship. Why would we? she concluded.


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