Fallen into an addiction to opioids, Caymi Studnicka lost all her teeth. At only 23 years old, the young woman from Chicago wears dentures.

It all started when Caymi Studnicka broke her ankle at the age of 9. Doctors prescribed him painkillers that contained vicodin, a semi-synthetic opiate six times stronger than codeine. Addicted for years, the young woman finally joined a rehab center and beat her addiction. Unfortunately, it was already too late for his teeth. “In 2018, I was terrified when one of my front teeth fell out. In just one year, my teeth quickly rotted and started breaking,” she told the New York Post.

At the time, Caymi was totally on her own: “I have fragile bones so after my first fracture at 9 years old, there were plenty of others so I kept getting medicine packs. .” At 15, the young woman sadly realized that she was addicted: “I couldn’t go a day without taking it every three or four hours. Otherwise, I felt the lack.” After three months in rehab, she saw her teeth fall out, leaving her unable to eat: “I lost a lot of weight and I was really not well. I got an infection and I spent a month in the ‘hospital.” The American was forced to have her teeth removed.

She gets a denture thanks to a wave of generosity

Caymi found herself in a bind when her insurance refused to cover her, explaining that her procedure was cosmetic and not medical. Fortunately, the young woman was able to count on the support of her boyfriend Alexander Drake, who launched a GoFundMe page to help pay for her dental care. The American thus received the tidy sum of 25,000 dollars, or approximately 23,650 euros. Today, she proudly wears her dentures and hopes to break the prejudices around this dental prosthesis: “Tooth loss is so stigmatized but I try to raise awareness. I am finally happy!”


Lara T.
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