On Reddit, a 23-year-old woman exposed her dilemma. In a relationship with a 71-year-old man for two years, she wonders if marrying him is a good idea. After careful consideration, she wonders in particular about the role she will have to take on when her companion’s health declines. “I’m deeply in love with this man, so I’m trying to imagine what our future will look like. I don’t want kids so I know there won’t be any worries there. I However, I have some reservations about his life,” she explains, specifying the medical history of her in-laws.

“As a rule, he is in great shape and very active” confides the young woman about her darling. An energy that will fly away with age and that’s what worries him: “His parents have reached the age of 90. His father had a stroke but his mother is still alive. He takes care of her and manages his properties. She has Alzheimer’s or dementia, and is very puny. Which leads me to believe that he will need a lot of attention at some point.” The twenty-something thus sought the advice of Internet users: “What does it look like to take care of an aging partner, especially if you have a job / a career?”

Marry a much older man? A choice that divides the Web

In the comments, Internet users were mixed. Many are those who have encouraged the young woman to break up with the septuagenarian. “You sign to become his nurse, not his wife. Don’t sabotage yourself like that! You deserve better. that another preferred to encourage him: “Even if you date someone your own age, one of you will necessarily take care of the other as you get older. So savor your happiness and if you love him, all that will not be a hindrance.”

TESTIMONY At 23 I hesitate to marry my 71-year-old partner


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