Here’s a fun idea! George Woodville, 20, from Cambridge, England, has decided to go barefoot for the rest of his life. It was after a family trip to Plymouth, in October 2021, that the young man had the click. “I was hiking and I was suddenly struck by this thought: why do we wear shoes?”, he says in the columns of the Daily Mail. “When I got back to the hotel, I immediately searched the internet for the benefits of barefoot walking and discovered this incredible community. At that exact moment, I decided that I would never wear shoes again.” That same evening, George was going to a restaurant with his family, and for the first time, the young man was barefoot. On returning home to Cambridge, George Woodville then threw away the twenty shoes he had to carry out his project. Since then, the 20-year-old Briton has remained confined to this initiative, in defiance of the weather and the seasons. “In winter it was a bit difficult at first because it was very cold and I had just started walking barefoot, and when it was cold and wet you really felt it. But like everything, after a while, you get used to it,” he says.

Apart from the sometimes extreme temperatures – this summer, he walked on the hot sidewalks in the heat wave – George also adapts to the waste that can litter the ground, namely cigarette butts, shards of glass or dog excrement. “Sometimes I find pieces of glass in my feet but they usually fall off on their own after a few days”, assures the young man before adding: “I have already walked on dog poop. If my feet are really dirty, I will ask someone to give me a bucket of water before I come home, or I will try to find a puddle of water to clean my feet.”

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“I hope to become a millionaire”

Behind this new way of life, George Woodville still has an idea in mind: to become rich, very rich. The one who has more than 520,000 subscribers on TikTok thanks to his barefoot videos created an OnlyFans account at the start of the year on which he monetizes his foot photos. “It’s pretty amazing to think that my feet could pay my bills,” he says before adding: “I hope to become a millionaire and I wouldn’t be surprised to earn that money in the next five years or so” .

TESTIMONY At 20 I decided to walk barefoot for the rest of my life


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