Lyndsi Johnson lives with a chronic illness. This 28-year-old American, originally from Maine in the United States, suffers from postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (STOP). In other words, the young woman cannot stand for more than three minutes without fainting. And for good reason, his heart rate accelerates at the slightest change of position. A rare pathology that she describes as an “allergy to gravity”. On a daily basis, she is forced to spend 23 hours a day in bed in order to reduce the symptoms of her disorder as much as possible, namely vomiting, headaches, cold sweats, dizziness or even extreme fatigue.

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Lyndsi saw her life turn upside down in October 2015. She suffered from abdominal and back pain which forced her to leave her position in the navy three years later. At the time, the young woman was immersed in a medical wandering. Doctors can’t put a name to her ailments and think they’re just suffering from anxiety. “I passed out everywhere and up to 10 times a day – at the supermarket or at the gym. I was vomiting so much that my heart was starting to tire so I was often hospitalized under cardiac monitoring. It was really scary” confides she told the Daily Mirror. It will be necessary to wait nearly 7 years before a cardiologist finally gives him the correct diagnosis.

No cure for this “gravity allergy”

Lyndsi is now on beta blockers. Medicines that reduce his fainting to three times a day and relieve his nausea. Unfortunately, the young woman remains very dependent on her husband, James: “I still can’t do much. It’s really debilitating. James has to cook, clean and help me shower. There is no cure but I’m grateful to James.” The former soldier has learned to accept her illness and her new way of life. Now she hopes to leave her apartment for a house where she can spend more time outdoors. In the meantime, she continues to raise awareness through her social networks. At the same time, she continued her studies in the music business and devoted herself to her passion: artistic make-up.

TESTIMONY Allergic to gravity I have to spend 23 hours a day in bed


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