Melissa Doyle, from Lisburn in Northern Ireland, saved her mother Clare’s life after she was challenged by her strange snoring.

Who can claim to have saved a life? Melissa Doyle is one of those heroic people. The facts date back to 2017. At the time, the young woman, who was 14, had fallen asleep in her mother Clare’s bed after a long discussion between girls. Awakened by her mum’s snoring, she quickly noticed that her face was gray. “She called the paramedics and they told her what to do as the nearest ambulance was 40 minutes from our house. My condition was deteriorating rapidly but coincidentally Melissa had recently learned to do CPR at the hospital. school so that’s what she did” explained the forties to the Daily Mirror.

Clare had just had a heart attack and without knowing it, her daughter Melissa had been doing the right things: “Thanks to her cardiac massage, Melissa kept the oxygen circulating in my brain and prevented me from suffering brain damage or worse. , let me die.” When help arrived on the spot, the mother of the family was rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. Admitted to intensive care, the Irishwoman did not wake up for three days. At the time, doctors were insecure and even thought his chances of survival were slim. The mother, however, thwarted the predictions by regaining consciousness.

Grateful to be alive, she now works for a good cause

“When I woke up, I felt like I had slept well all weekend. I was invigorated,” confessed Clare, who had no memory of the incident. After two weeks in the hospital, the mother of the family passed a battery of tests to determine the cause of her heart attack, in vain. His cardiologist found nothing. A detail that does not seem to worry him: “I prefer not to worry about it. I am a rather positive person. Now I have a small defibrillator which regulates my heart rate.” Grateful to be alive, the 40-year-old has since learned to perform cardiac massage. At the same time, she supports the Restart a Heart campaign, an initiative that aims to teach resuscitation maneuvers to as many people as possible.

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