Laurel Collins saw her life change in 2016. When her marriage ended after 19 years together, she made a radical decision: to return to live with her parents at 45 years old. A choice often mocked by society but which it assumes completely. The American teacher, now 51, confided in this experience in the columns of HuffPost. “Some suggest that only unsuccessful people go back to their parents. The truth is much more complex. live. But this short-term solution has become a long-term gift,” she confessed, adding that her little sister did the same at the same age.

For Laurel, this cohabitation required some adjustments: “My parents are kind, generous and funny people, but living with them again has been an exercise in patience. They have their quirks but I also have mine. It’s maybe -be a little chaotic but it works. We help each other, we inspire each other and we congratulate each other.” Boomerang children, a nickname given to adults who return to live with their parents, are often criticized for their inability to provide for themselves. And yet, according to the details of Laurel who cites a study by the Pew Research Center, 31% of young adults aged 25 to 29 live in multigenerational homes. A number that has almost quadrupled in the last ten years.

Returning to live with her parents, a choice she does not regret

Laurel admits, living with her parents has consequences on her love life: “Dating? It’s obviously more complicated because of the lack of intimacy.” A change to which she was able to adapt: ​​”I like the idea of ​​taking the slowest route and getting to know potential partners better before introducing them to the whole family who lives under the same roof.” For now, the 50-year-old has found the perfect balance: “If I find a partner, I may make a different choice. But for now, I’m staying, because the possibility of being so present in daily life of those I love is far better than going it alone.”

TESTIMONY After my divorce at 45, I went back to live with my parents


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