As we know, separations are often painful. Even more so when your former partner finds love again. Francis (first name) recently paid the price when he discovered that his ex-girlfriend had left him for a woman after five years of relationship. A situation that he cannot handle. The 38-year-old has also written to Coleen Nolan, the Mirror’s official coach, for his valuable advice. “I knew something was wrong because her behavior had changed. She went out a lot with her friends. Then, one weekend, she confessed to me that she was no longer happy and that she wanted to break up” he thus began.

Learning that his former girlfriend was now in a relationship with a woman, Francis fell from above: “My brain is confused.” The 30-year-old is desperately looking for an explanation for this idyll that he did not see coming: “During all these years, she has never mentioned being bisexual or attracted to women.” A romance that he saw very badly: “I feel like a fool and it’s humiliating.” The young man tried to contact his ex but the latter ignores him: “I tried to talk to her to understand but she does not answer my calls. It’s as if our five years together meant absolutely nothing to her. or that they didn’t exist. What should I do?”

“She may have discovered her bisexuality late in life”

For Coleen Nolan, explanations are for the time being useless. Francis should try to move on instead. Especially since, according to her, his ex-girlfriend owes him nothing: “She avoids confrontation and she has the right because your relationship is over. You have no connection (no children) and she did his choice.” The expert sympathized with the pain of the young man while giving him the keys to turn the page of this story: “You are not a fool (…) She may have discovered her bisexuality late or when she met this woman. It may have been something she had been repressing for a long time. Whatever the reasons, she doesn’t want to talk about it and nothing she says will ease your sorrow. (…) Stay connected to your loved ones and let them support you. Good luck.”

TESTIMONY After 5 years of relationship my girlfriend left me for a woman


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