After years of using hard drugs, Austin Greene who lives in Ohio in the United States, managed to get out of it. Today, he is totally sober.

Austin Greene fell into drugs at the age of 11. The young man, now 27, started using marijuana before trying his hand at hard drugs such as methamphetamine and heroin. According to his secrets to Daily Star, he was ready to do anything to fit in with others. Unfortunately, the addiction took over. The years passed and the twenties hit rock bottom. After temporarily losing the use of his legs and being away from his loved ones as well as his daughter Kayonnah, he realized that the situation had to change.

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At the time, Austin Greene experienced a veritable descent into hell. So much so that he saw himself as a threat to society: “I stole anything and everything, as long as it had value. I lied to my family, telling them that I needed the money to buy food. I was at rock bottom when I contracted a spinal infection and had to learn to walk again. It took me almost a year to regain my full mobility.” Sober for a year, the American has regained his morale: “My mental health has improved, I am no longer depressed or sad all the time. The same for my physical health, I no longer have any infection or hepatitis B and C.”

“Since I got sober, every aspect of my life has improved”

Proud of his journey, Austin Greene opened up about his relationship with Kayonnah with an open heart: “My daughter’s mother is no longer in her life and I didn’t want her to grow up without her parents. Since I was sober, every aspect of my life improved I reconnected with my family and my daughter who I selfishly destroyed with my addictions Just before I quit drugs I refused to go see her and she knew that when she saw me it was just enough time to have enough money to buy my fix and then I would disappear for days. Now her face lights up when she sees me.” Now a photographer, he shares his touching story on his TikTok account to inspire as many people as possible.


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