A terrible story… Stella, a 3-year-old British girl was attacked by a dog who ransacked her face. While she suffered deep cuts and severe bruises during this horrible mutilation, little Stella will have to undergo cosmetic surgery. For the site, NeedToKnow.online, her mother, Paula Gaughan, said: “It was the worst call I have ever received. At first I thought she had hit her head or fallen – I didn’t think for a minute that she could have been attacked. I was in total disbelief, because my brain couldn’t process the information. It was torture to know that I wasn’t. not here to help.”

Paula Gaughan first thought her daughter might have had a cut or bruise. “After finding out that she had suffered severe cuts to her face, I was devastated. Stella was eating a packet of crisps and giving the crumbs to the dog. She spilled them on the floor so he could easily reach them. There was no indication that the dog was upset, as he was wagging his tail – but then she put her head on his back. Suddenly he growled and bit Stella,” she recalled. The little girl was rushed to hospital, where doctors immediately began to treat her. On Instagram, her mother shared a video where we can see her injuries. In the caption, she wrote: “The medical team kept saying she was very lucky because if the dog’s teeth went in slightly higher his eye would have popped out. His face was black and blue with bruises and she also had a concussion when she fell on the concrete due to the force of the dog.”

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Paula Gaughan: ‘She will be scarred for life’

Soon a long gash on Stella’s cheek became infected and she was prescribed strong antibiotics, before being given a tetanus shot. Trauma doctors later said the little girl should have had surgery immediately. She will undergo plastic surgery this summer in a bid to avoid scarring. Concluding, her mum added, “It’s hard to see her face after the accident due to the injuries she sustained, as she will be scarred for life and her perfect little face is damaged.”

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