TESTIMONIAL. “When we discovered our baby’s hair, we thought she was sick!”

While some babies are born with a few hairs on the stone, Gabriela came into the world with such a large tuft of hair that it looked like a wig. “I had a shock during childbirth,” says her mother, Denica, 34. When the midwife put her on my stomach, I discovered that my daughter had an impressive mass of black hair, thick and erect on the head. ”

A mother all the more taken aback as her eldest daughter, Ivona, was born almost bald, like many babies. “The nurses told us that they had never seen an infant with such hair and that our daughter did not look like other children,” she said. A harmless little sentence that alerted the young mother, worried that her little wonder had a health problem. Denica and her husband, Zvezdelin, wondered if their daughter did not suffer from hypertrichosis, a hormonal imbalance that manifests itself in an overgrown head of hair or hair sometimes reaching the face. Fortunately, the doctors quickly reassured them: their little girl has no worries!

“Gabi loves to be the center of attention!”

The diversity of newborn hair remains a mystery. Experts, however, focus on genetic factors, the main cause of hair growth. Since her birth in April 2019, Gabriela’s hair has continued to grow … to the delight of her sister. “Ivona has always loved brushing the hair of her dolls. When I was pregnant, she would ask me every day, ‘Mom, when my little sister is here, can I play with her hair?’ Her dream is come true; Gabi has the same hair as her favorite Disney princess, Rapunzel, “the mom jokes. Rapunzel has also become the baby’s nickname.

“Our little Rapunzel is never as happy as when bathing. She loves the lather that spreads on her hair. The shampoo is a moment of joy and laughter. When I start to pour water on her hair , her eyes light up and she laughs. ” It is then her big sister, Ivona, who is happy to brush her hair after getting out of the bath. A mission that she would not entrust to anyone! Her little face makes thousands of fans crack down on her Instagram page @gabi_zaharinova. “That’s good, Gabi loves to be the center of attention. If the people we meet immediately notice her long hair, they are seduced by her smile, because our daughter is happy to be alive,” concludes Denica.

Her mother, Denica, admits that she “had a shock during childbirth” when she saw Gabi’s hair. © INSTAGRAM GABI_ZAHARINOVA

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