Tony hasn’t had much luck in life so far. Victim of mistreatment by his biological parents, the little Englishman had both legs amputated in 2017. But this tragedy experienced so early gave him incredible strength and the desire to support the medical team that provided him with allowed to walk again. To thank her, the 5-year-old boy set out on a challenge that he successfully achieved: walking 10 km in 30 days with his new prostheses and using crutches!

Tony had set himself the goal of raising £ 500, but his challenge has finally enabled him to raise £ 1,282,187 (approx. € 1,420,000) to date for the Evelina London Children’s Hospital. On June 30, crossing the arch of balloons symbolizing the finish line of his incredible journey, Tony fell into the arms of his adoptive parents.

“A few weeks ago Tony was having a hard time taking a few steps …”

“It’s amazing to think that a few weeks ago Tony was still struggling to take a few steps. He’s a strong and determined little boy that we are very proud of,” said Paula, who welcomed him as a baby. with her husband, Mark. “We would like to thank all the generous donors and we are delighted that this money is going to a hospital that has such an important place in our family. To be honest, I find it hard to realize what is happening to us,” continued Paula. .

Also present, the members of the medical team who took care of him were full of praise for their protege. “We have been under the spell of Tony since he was little. What he managed to accomplish is simply incredible. Now he is doing well, and it is a great victory for us,” said Cat Flagan. , one of the nurses.

“We were so happy to see him cross the finish line with a big smile”

Her courage and perseverance will make the difference for other children in distress. “We were so happy to see him cross the finish line with a big smile,” recalls Caroline Gormley, associate director in charge of fundraising for the establishment. The money he raised will allow us to to help children in the region who have serious health problems like his. With this sum, we will be able to finance research work, equipment and advanced technologies. ”

It was by hearing the story of Captain Tom Moore that the little boy got the idea for this challenge. This 100-year-old veteran managed the feat of collecting, in July, 33 million pounds (38 million euros) for the British health service affected by the Covid-19 epidemic and was knighted by the queen.


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