TESTIMONIAL. “We were born side by side in the same maternity ward. 26 years later, we are going to get married”

“Destiny. We were both destined … To see our paths meet. To love each other without asking why. You and me. Destiny …” This song that everyone knows, Guy Marchand could have created for Courtney Mahnken and Nick Monguso, a couple from New Jersey. Their story was told on February 18 in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 7.7 million times.

Courtney Mahnken, a 26-year-old teacher from Philadelphia, shares with her community what she calls “the craziest coincidence” that has ever happened to her. “At 14, I have a first boyfriend. His name is Nick Monguso and he wants to invite me to his place. But before giving their agreement, my parents want to meet his family. On D-Day, everyone is installed in the Monguso living room, and the first thing my mother says to Nick’s is, ‘Oh my God, your face looks so familiar to me! Where did you give birth?’ And here they are starting to talk about their childbirth stories, ”says Courtney.

“In fact, I was born on April 12, 1995 in the evening, and he on the morning of the 13th”

“They realize then that they both gave birth at Kimball Medical Center, and almost next to each other,” Courtney continues. “In fact, my boyfriend and I were born within 24 hours of interval: me on April 12, 1995 in the evening, and him on the morning of April 13. My last name starting with ‘Ma’ and his with ‘Mo’, we were placed side by side in the nursery! “, she concludes with a loving smile. Fourteen years later, Courtney is thus the girlfriend of his cradle neighbor, and this coincidence is the joy of the two lovebirds.

Obviously, as often at this age, their history is not a long calm river, and their college years are crossed by currents which sometimes bring them together, sometimes distance them from each other. “And then she broke up with me for an older guy!” Nick exclaims, laughing. They still stay close, talk to each other often and go to class together. The young man, still in love, remains close to his lost love until the end of their schooling.

When it’s time to go to college, the two young people manage to be together

In truth, Courtney doesn’t want to sever the link either. So when the time comes to go to college and Nick calls her to convince her to make the same choice as him so as not to get lost, she follows him: “He called me at 2 o’clock in the morning. morning and told me I had to go to Rowan University where he was going. It was not my first choice, but it was stronger than me: I changed my plans and I went to Rowan , for him, “says Courtney.

They then get back together and they will never leave each other. On November 20, 2020, Nick, now a computer scientist, asks for the hand of his lifelong sweetheart. The wedding is scheduled for June 22, 2022. These two were truly destined to never leave each other.

Courtney © THEKNOT.COM

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