TESTIMONIAL. “We left to walk 16,000 km in Southeast Asia to save our marriage”

“We were walking, my husband and I, on Hermosa Beach near Los Angeles, as we had done so many times before. The dolphins and surfers were there, like every morning, a few feet from us in the waves. . It was late spring. Everything was peaceful. Everything except us, “recalls Brit Tashjian. The young Californian is going through a crisis with Ralph, 32, her husband of four years. Despite an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean that they adore, their marital horizon is darkened. The storm is brewing.

“We argued all the time and each exchange sparked storms, recalls Ralph. I had created a start-up that had taken off well before falling like a bellows. I was on edge.” At the time, Brit, a graduate of Samford and New York universities, wanted to make a living from her pen, but couldn’t convince any newspaper or publisher to give her a chance. Taken over by professional setbacks, the couple is exploding.

After three months of traveling, the lovers swear to stay together

Since nothing more awaits them in Los Angeles, they are betting on a new start. They gather their last savings and ditch everything. Objective: to leave far with little to better find oneself. It will be Southeast Asia. Hand in hand as it hasn’t happened to them for a long time, they rediscover the value of things, the tastes of others, and of themselves. “Without a travel agent, with little money, we had a fabulous road trip through Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Nepal and Hong Kong, ”says the young woman.

They finally invest in joint projects. During their travels, they participate in the rehabilitation of elephants in the Thai jungle, give of their time with orphans in Nepal. “Alone in the world again, we were able to find the complicity and the common values ​​that had made us fall in love with each other”, summarizes Brit. After three months of traveling, on a secluded beach in the Philippines, the lovers celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary by vowing to stay together.

Today, they have settled in San Francisco and are parents of three children.

A few days later, Brit experiences strange morning sickness! They return to California on an eighteen hour flight from Hong Kong. “Looking out over the Pacific, we knew we had come home and had been healed. Without a job and with little savings, to be sure, but our marriage now had a priority over personal ambition and financial comfort. ” Now settled in San Francisco and parents of three children, they do not forget to look, together, in the same direction.


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