TESTIMONIAL. “We got married after only one exchange on TikTok”

“Life is a game, so let’s play.” This is, in essence, what Gunnar Michels, a 24-year-old American photographer, has in mind when, on January 21, 2021, he goes to TikTok to find a woman to marry without further ado. So that day, he records a message on the social network, in which he explains simply: “I think people take life too seriously, and I’m here to prove that it is nothing else. than a game. Let’s break some norms, like marriage. Me, I want to marry a stranger crossed on TikTok. I will come and pick her up by plane, and we will go to Las Vegas, where we will get married. “

In this video seen more than 1.3 million times, he describes the one he is waiting for: she must be on the same wavelength as him “in his way of seeing life”, be over 18 years old, tell her where she lives and what makes her different from others. Gunnar will receive hundreds of responses to his unusual marriage offer. But only one catches his attention.

“I always wanted to get married in a crazy way in Las Vegas, in a bikini”, writes Danielle

It is that of Danielle Elleinad, 24 years old, living in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, who will subjugate our young New York rebel: “I know that I will be the one who will live this crazy adventure with you because nothing in life has never been this serious for me. I always wanted to get married in a crazy way in Las Vegas, in a bikini and a cowboy hat, by a frumpy Elvis, and then get a tattoo on a roller coaster . “

In the process, she suggests to him that instead of taking the plane to Las Vegas, they could go to Nevada with “the ambulance in which (she lives)”. The video of the pretty brunette has been viewed over seven million times and elicited an enamored response from Gunnar who, after calling her on FaceTime, only met her once in person, in which, as promised, he asked her directly for her hand.

Eventually the Adventurers of Love really like each other and their bond transforms

After the ambulance trip, they got married in Vegas … on Valentine’s Day! And as luck does things from time to time, the two wedding adventurers really fell in love with each other. “It doesn’t matter how far we go Danielle, but know that from now on, I’ll always be there for you,” Gunnar said in their wedding clip.

“I’m so happy to be a part of your life forever,” Danielle replied in a comment. “It was absolutely crazy experience and I loved every minute of it! I kiss you – Your wife.” This crazy adventure shows that Gunnar may have been right to say “no” to conventions and preconceived ideas. Great love can sometimes be found around the corner or on social networks!

Danielle and Gunnar © INSTAGRAM GUNNAR ._. MICHELS

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