In 2010, Terysa Vanderloo and Nick Fabbri, 38 and 24, live together in London. They juggle demanding professions: she is a paramedic, he is a dentist. They are a successful couple. But they are missing something. “London is a city where everything goes very fast. We were always running or working,” says Terysa. “We really wanted to do something different, something more adventurous. Our life in London didn’t suit us anymore.” With a common passion for sailing and travel, the two Englishmen then have a crazy idea: what if they gave up everything to sail around the world?

After a month of thinking, they decide to save for their dream. “Rather than going to a restaurant or buying a new outfit, we were like, ‘Let’s put that money in the pot,'” recalls Nick. “We had to tighten our belts for a little while,” says Terysa. It took them five years of effort, but the two apprentice adventurers eventually took the plunge. They each resign their jobs and rent out their apartments.

Their only project: to sail the seas until their savings are exhausted

With the savings made and by taking out a loan, they buy the Ruby Rose, an 11.50 m sailboat. When they cast off, their only plan is to sail the seas. “Quickly, we understood that this way of life was made for us, but it raised new questions,” explains Terysa. “In London, we were constantly in demand,” says Nick. “Living at sea is a rewarding experience, but we lacked stimulation.” Besides boredom, the two sailors are also faced with a more practical problem: how to finance their getaway?

The solution to these two problems will come in the form of a camera and a computer. “While we were sailing in the Caribbean, about a year after we left, we started filming our adventures and posting one video per week on our YouTube channel Sailing Ruby Rose,” explains the young woman. The success was immediate: more than 140,000 people began to follow their adventures. Some of their videos garner close to a million views, exploding their income and attracting sponsors. And so, more than five years later, the adventurers still float in full happiness.

Terysa Vanderloo and Nick Fabbri © FACEBOOK SAILING RUBY ROSE

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