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TESTIMONIAL. “Volunteers took turns over 3,000 km to bring back my stolen dog”

This winter, a formidable chain of solidarity was formed between West Virginia and Montana, in the United States, to allow Zeus, a pit bull, to find his home. “I couldn’t be happier than now,” Cassandra writes on her Facebook page. “He’s home. […] Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.” The brave dog has come a long way. The Pit Bull has been the companion of the Spraycar family for nine years. He lived peacefully coaxed by his mistress and his two adorable little daughters until the day he was kidnapped by a “friend” hosted by Cassandra.

The man left taking with him the handbag and especially Zeus, the family dog. When the thief is arrested, the dog, identified by his microchip, is still with him. Authorities warn Cassandra of the good news. But, arrested in Nitro, West Virginia, the thief had time to travel more than 3000 km. Zeus finds himself stuck in a kennel twenty-nine hours away from home! You have to pick it up by car, because it is too big to get in by plane.

All volunteer drivers salute Zeus’ sweet and loving character

It’s a long road from Virginia to Montana. You have to cross Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Dakota, or three quarters of the country. “I wondered how I was going to get him back,” Cassandra told The Associated Press. “I couldn’t afford to be off work for so long.” The Many Paws Volunteer Transport association then offered to help. The principle is simple: put in contact volunteers ready to travel by car with Zeus to his home.

About thirty volunteers take turns throughout the journey. While some are driving, others are harboring Zeus or paying for gas and food. All volunteer drivers salute the gentle and affectionate character of their four-legged passenger. It will take four days to reach Montana. The last driver even covered more than 1000 km. When he passed the doorstep, in yelps of joy, Zeus curled up for long minutes in the arms of his mistresses in tears. A fine example of solidarity.

The dog had to be brought back by car because he is too big to fit on the plane. © FACEBOOK / KANAWHA-CHARLESTON HUMANE ASSOCIATION

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