The idea began to germinate when a resident of the village knocked on his door: “Would your husband agree to join us as a volunteer firefighter?” Anne smiles: “No chance, he’s afraid of blood! Too bad you don’t take women, because I would have liked it …” Anne, a school educator who did psycho to help others, discovers this a day that a woman can make a commitment. Except that she’s pregnant. Three years later, she witnesses an accident: “The car was in the ditch, with two elderly people incarcerated, shocked and bloody.”

Her first aid diploma allows her to perform life-saving actions, and she begins to envy the work of the firefighters she called. “I felt so useless in front of their skills to extract the wounded, keeping the head, the body in line!” So, in the process, she began training as a volunteer firefighter, mobilized for three years: “Every day at home, I lived tending to the beep of my phone, ready to rush to save a life.”

“The large scale, the powerful machines … I wanted to be part of it!”

Anne fell in love with the interventions, the barracks and the professional firefighters: “The large scale, the powerful machines, the efficiency of the men, at the time very majority, I wanted to be there!” Except that to turn “pro”, being 35 and being a woman are not really assets. In order not to be under the pressure, Anne prepares the tests in secret.

Physically overtrained to stay suspended from her fixed bar in the doorway of her living room, weighted 10 kg, she passed the exam: “It was gone for three months of boarding school with military training, get up 5 hours, bed squared , go to bed 11pm, and practice with trainers shouting ‘Hurry up!’ I only realized in the field how legitimate it was. I had learned to resist stress. ” Anne has known everything for ten years, horrible visions with imperative psychological debriefing, like the day a young girl threw herself from a bridge on a busy highway …

“What motivates us is to act before it is too late”

“What mobilizes us is to act before it’s too late, providing life-saving care, extinguishing flames, recovering people in danger! Adrenaline and a sense of urgency dispel fear, the limit being not to expose oneself or one’s team to danger! ”, she specifies. However, she is not daredevil. “The risk of explosion with gas, chemicals, it’s scary.” At the end of this decade, she is assigned to Codis, the call center, more stressful than the action.

“On a panicked phone call, we have to make the right decisions, send the appropriate help, advise, not to mention the location which is not always clear. Fortunately, manipulation on any cell phone now makes it possible to give exact GPS coordinates. . ” Hyper empathic, after a brief return to the field, Anne preferred to make herself available recently: “The job wore me out psychologically and physically, I was starting to put myself in the red …” After training as a sophrotherapist-coach , today she mentally supports others. His dream ? Coach the firefighters!

Anne Faure © DR

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