TESTIMONIAL. She was taking her dog outside the windows of an enraged neighbor: he shot her

Rocco is their first dog. Isabella and her sweetheart, Darian, had chosen him together at an abandoned animal shelter in Denver, Colorado. They had been well warned: Rocco is an affectionate young dog but, due to his abandonment, he has not been trained. It will therefore be necessary to devote time to it to catch up. The young couple took their doggie’s education to heart. This Wednesday, June 10, at the end of the morning, they decide to take Rocco for a walk in the Ballpark district, not far from the Coors Field baseball stadium.

Rocco has already made huge strides with his new masters: he responds to his name, sits down and lies down. Today, Darian and his sweetheart have decided to teach him to defecate in a specific place. It is 11:35 am when they arrive at 3000 North Huron Street. Seeing their dog start to sniff all over the place and signal his urge to defecate, they loudly encourage him to do so in the gutter.

“We were about to leave when I saw the guy pointing a gun at us”

Concentrated on their animal, they do not immediately notice this man who scrutinizes them behind his window on the ground floor. “Are you going to yell for a long time or what? Get out of there with your dog!”, Apostrophes them in a snarling voice. Isabella jumps up and sees a man leaning out of her window staring at them with hateful eyes. The college finance student at the University of Denver squeezes her lover’s arm and whispers, “Come on honey, I can’t smell that guy.”

Darian Simon, 26, creator of a streetwear brand for which Isabella, a fashion fan, regularly lent her angelic face, nods and decides to continue the walk further. “We ignored this guy’s derogatory comments,” Darian told police. “We were about to leave when I saw the guy pointing a gun at us. I thought it was a pellet rifle…” At 11:42 a.m., on June 10, a salvo of gunfire rang out in the peaceful neighborhood. Darian is shot in the back and thigh. Isabella collapses on the sidewalk.

The shooter regularly had altercations with his neighbors

The whole neighborhood heard the detonations, between six and twelve shots according to witnesses. Immediately, they alert the police. The help arrived at the scene will not succeed in resuscitating the young woman. Two days earlier, on June 8, Isabella had turned 21. The mad neighbor is gone, but he is identified. His name is Michael Close. If the 36-year-old shooter has a clean criminal record in the state of Colorado, his reputation in the neighborhood speaks for him.

“Gruff and often alcoholic, he had frequent altercations with everyone. His neighbors complained of his aggressiveness,” confide anonymous witnesses. “We knew he had weapons at home, he bragged about it,” explains Ronan O’Shea, a neighbor. He had a license. Like what, we give them to anyone! ” While the neighborhood is cordoned off, a manhunt begins. “Very quickly, the shooter’s SUV was spotted by our services, it was trying to flee towards the surrounding mountains,” said Joe Montoya, the head of the Denver police department.

“She lit up the room just by her presence and her smile”, confides her mother

At 1:25 p.m., the murderer was arrested by the police. The automatic rifle that struck an innocent woman a few hours earlier, magazines and a handgun were found by police in her vehicle. Charged with first degree murder, the man is being held without the possibility of release on bail at the Denver Correctional Center.

While Darian, in shock and a shattered femur, is transferred to the emergency room, Ana, Isabella’s mother, is informed of the shooting by telephone. “A part of me died that day with my daughter, confides the inconsolable mother. With Darian, she planned a bright future. Fashion fan, she encouraged him in his job. She also dreamed of starting a family with him. and to be a mother, she sighs. She was a beautiful soul. A magnificent and pure heart. She illuminated the room just by her presence and her smile “, concludes the mother. Unforgettable, Isabella will always shine in the hearts of those close to her.

Hit by the gunshots, Isabella collapsed on the sidewalk. The emergency services could not revive her. © FACEBOOK ISABELLA THALLAS

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